What is an active adult cooperative?

A cooperative is a home within a community of neighbors that is owned and governed by its members—but you make it your own. At Zvago Cooperative Living, we create intimate, boutique communities that are a smart financial choice for active adult lifestyles, offering the services and amenities you deserve with the freedom and flexibility you desire.

Why cooperative living?

Living in a cooperative has numerous benefits: financial advantages similar to traditional home ownership, lower costs of entry than many condominiums or townhomes, defined appreciation schedules, and the opportunity for owners to create their own dynamic and meaningful community.

Use our cost-of-living calculator to find out how much you can save on monthly expenses by moving to a cooperative.

How does it work?

In a Zvago Cooperative, your investment is secured with a one-time share payment—which has an annual fixed appreciation—along with a monthly carrying charge. The carrying charge covers basic utility bills; property taxes; interior and exterior maintenance; a 40-year, fixed, HUD-insured master mortgage; required reserves for future replacements, including in-home fixtures such as appliances; insurance; and professional management by Ecumen. It is structured to offer you the financial advantages of home ownership with peace of mind in an ever-changing real estate market.

But the reasons people choose a cooperative go beyond the financial benefits. Owners especially enjoy the pleasure of living in a maintenance-free community of likeminded neighbors.

Need a few points clarified? Tell us about your situation and needs, and we’d be more than happy to lend you some guidance. Or feel free to schedule an appointment—we’d love to meet you in person.

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